10 Best Record Of Ragnarok Main Characters

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Ragnarok is a MMORPG that has been around for quite some time. It is based on the Norse mythology, and it has a very large following. The game is set in a world called Midgard, where players can choose from three different races: human, elf, or dwarf. They can then choose to become one of many different classes, such as swordsman, thief, wizard, or hunter. In this blog post, we will be discussing the best record of Ragnarok main characters.

1. Göll

The first character on our list is Göll, who is a human swordsman. He is the main protagonist of the game, and he is an expert in both close combat and magic. He is also a very strong leader, and he has the ability to inspire those around him.

Göll is a very powerful character, and he is able to take on almost any challenge. He is also a very skilled strategist, and he always knows what to do in order to defeat his enemies.

2. Kojiro Sasaki

Kojiro is one of the strongest and most popular swordsmen in Ragnarok: The Record of a Fallen Vampire. He was once an ordinary human who was turned into a vampire by Carmilla. Kojiro is tall and handsome, with long black hair that he keeps tied in a ponytail. He is also very strong and has excellent swordsmanship skills. He is often seen wearing a black cloak and carrying a large sword on his back.

Kojiro is a very serious and calm person, but he can also be quite cold and ruthless at times. He is also shown to be quite protective of his friends and allies, especially when it comes to women. Despite being a vampire, Kojiro still retains his human emotions and is not afraid to show them.

3. Heracles

Although he is not one of the original members of Ragnarok, Heracles quickly becomes an important part of the team. He is incredibly strong and always manages to get himself out of tough situations. Heracles is also a great strategist and often comes up with plans that help the team succeed.

One of my favorite things about Heracles is his relationship with Athena. Athena is the team’s leader and Heracles is her right-hand man. The two of them have a lot of respect for each other and it’s always fun to see them work together.

I think Heracles is a great addition to the team and I’m excited to see what he’ll do in the future.

4. Loki

Loki is the third child of Odin and Freyja, and he is also one of the main protagonists of Record Of Ragnarok. He was born with a special ability to shapeshift into any form, which he uses to his advantage in various situations. When he was younger, Loki was very mischievous and often got himself into trouble. However, he has since grown into a more serious and responsible person. He is very protective of his younger sister, Brunhild, and often puts her safety above everything else. Loki is also a skilled fighter, and he wields two swords in battle.

5. Brunhilde

Brunhilde was born into a noble family and raised to be a strong and independent woman. She is shown to be highly intelligent, often outwitting her opponents in battle. Brunhilde is also fiercely loyal to those she cares about, always putting their safety above her own. While she can be impulsive at times, Brunhilde always strives to do what she believes is right.

Brunhilde is an incredibly powerful warrior, able to take on entire armies by herself. She wields a massive sword with ease and her fighting skills are unmatched. Brunhilde is also fiercely brave, never backing down from a challenge no matter how daunting it may seem.

6. Buddha

A very mysterious character that not much is known about. All we know is that he or she is an all-powerful being that can grant any wish.

Buddha is one of the main characters in Best Record of Ragnarok and also one of the most powerful. Not much is known about Buddha, but it is said that they can grant any wish. Buddha is a being of great power and mystery, and their role in the story is sure to be interesting.

7. Zeus

The king of gods himself, Zeus is the one who started it all. He created humans and gave them the Record of Ragnarok as a way to test their worth. He’s also the reason why Thor and Surt are fighting in the first place. Zeus is a powerful god and an even more powerful opponent.

He may be the most powerful character in the series, but Zeus is also one of the most tragic. He’s spent centuries alone, watching as his children and grandchildren fight and die. Even though he knows it’s all for a greater purpose, Zeus can’t help but feel responsible for all the pain and suffering caused by the Ragnarok.

In the end, Zeus is a complex character who is both powerful and vulnerable. He’s a great leader and an even better friend. Even though he’s not always right, Zeus always tries to do what’s best for everyone. And that’s why he’s one of the best Record of Ragnarok main characters.

8. Jack The Ripper

Jack The Ripper is one of the most popular main characters in Record Of Ragnarok. He is a skilled assassin and he is known for his quick and deadly attacks. He is also a very mysterious character and not much is known about him.

9. Adam

Adamantine is one of the main characters in Best Record of Ragnarok. She is a powerful warrior and possesses great strength. Her weapon of choice is a large hammer that she uses to crush her enemies. Adamantine is a brave fighter and always stands up for what she believes in.

10. Shiva

Shiva is one of the main characters in Best Record Of Ragnarok. She is a skilled archer and has a cool personality. Her real name is unknown, but she goes by the name “Shiva” because she is an expert at using the bow and arrow. Shiva is very loyal to her friends and always tries to help them out, even if it means putting herself in danger. She is also a bit of a tomboy and is often seen teasing her friends. However, she does have a softer side and can be quite emotional at times. Shiva is an excellent strategist and often comes up with plans that help her friends to victory. She is also very independent and is not afraid to go off on her own if she thinks it is necessary. Overall, Shiva is a strong and capable character who always puts her friends first.

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